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National Kissing Day

National Kissing Day

Weddings are a magical way to celebrate love, and unity in a relationship. 

Guests at a wedding generally clink glasses to see the bride and groom kiss. The first few times it happens are special. From there on, It can get a little bit distracting from the meal and it takes away from the time you are spending together on your wedding day. 

This is the first time you get to sit down together, have a bit of a break and it's your first meal as husband and wife. Do you really want that disrupted by a lot of clinking glasses? 

A unique idea to incorporate the “kissing game” without clinking a glass is Bride and Groom trivia:

Guests will have to answer a trivia question correctly about the bride and groom (i.e: where was the first date) for the B&G to kiss

Some couples decide to add a level to this game. If the guest gets the question wrong - they themselves must find someone to kiss.

This is just one of the many ways Absolute Sounds can make your event personal, fun and unique. Let's set up a time to talk!